Designing the Electrical Grid of the Future

eLab, Rocky Mountain Institute

How can we shift the U.S. electrical system toward renewables and smarter management of our energy resources? It’s a complex undertaking, and the barriers are as much institutional and economic as they are technical. That’s where eLab comes in.

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Harnessing Veterans’ Commitment

Center for National Policy

Battlefield veterans and military commanders may seem unlikely advocates of renewable energy. But, thanks to the Center for National Policy, the nonprofit arm of the Truman National Security Project, the U.S. military is speaking out for clean energy programs on Capitol Hill and in the media. Its message: going green saves soldiers’ lives.

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Restoring the Role of Science

The Center for Science and Democracy, Union of Concerned Scientists

Now more than ever, we need solid, independent science to help us solve complex energy and environmental challenges. But in today’s polarized political climate and noisy media landscape, good science is too often ignored, misrepresented, or manipulated. Leading scientists have joined in an organized effort to push back.

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photo credit Johan Swanepoel

Joining Hands Across Party Lines

The Conservation Leadership Council of the Environmental Defense Fund

If we want real action on energy and climate change, conservatives have to be part of the effort. Major environmental laws such as the Clean Air Act, Endangered Species Act, and National Environmental Policy Act never would have been enacted had they not had strong Republican support.

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Inspiring a New Generation of Scientists

Careers in Science (CiS) Intern Program, California Academy of Sciences

If we truly want to change the world, we need to look to the next generation. After all, today’s youth are tomorrow’s scientists, activists, and voters.

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photo credit Tim Griffith

A Roadmap to Sustainable Energy

Reinventing Fire by Amory Lovins

Visions of our future have often been dark and dystopian. But what if an alternative vision of abundant, clean, and affordable energy were within our grasp? One of the world’s leading energy experts has detailed how it can be done with the technologies and policy framework we have right now.

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