Seeding ideas that lift the world

Caldera is a small family foundation that advances solutions to big global challenges. We focus especially on issues related to preventing climate disruption and making wise use of our natural capital. Our work is grounded in optimism, because we see progress being made and innovations unfolding all around us. Caldera’s goal is to contribute, however modestly, to strategies that might help lift the world into a new era—one in which it’s understood that green is good economics and being resource-smart enhances our way of life.

How We Work

Expanding the conversation on ways to move forward

We are actively engaged in spreading good ideas and building connections among those pursuing practical solutions in our areas of focus. If you are part of that evolving global network, or want to be, we would love to hear from you.

Proactively investing in promising ideas we encounter

By providing seed funding at an early, pivotal stage, we help groundbreaking initiatives gain momentum and attract funding from larger social investors. You can find some examples of our investments described below. Please note that we do not solicit or accept grant proposals, but welcome the chance to learn about relevant initiatives around the globe.

Investing for impact isn’t just about financial capital;
there’s also intellectual capital and social capital.
Our goal is to leverage all three.